Principle 13: Studies Matrix

Here are the questions that make up the Studies Matrix:

  1. How old is the study?
  2. Who is the author of the study?
  3. How many samples were taken?
  4. What is the past record of the author of the study?
  5. How often did the author of the study show bias, if at all?
  6. Is the author moral or amoral?
  7. If the author is moral, are they conservative, moderate, or liberal?
  8. How does the public view the author?
  9. How long has the author been doing studies?
  10. What is the level of education of the author?
  11. How many years of life experience does the author have?
  12. Does the author publish their study and quit or do they periodically review their study to see if they made any mistakes?
  13. How long did the author spend on the study?
  14. Is the author a single individual or a group of persons?
  15. Did the author receive funding from biased supporters for their study?

There are over a thousand more questions that must be asked.  We will be posting these additional questions over time.